Winterizing Your Stooge Frame

The shortening of the evenings and the return to wet weather got me thinking about steel frames in general and the small fact that steel and water aren’t the best of friends. I then got to thinking about all the Stooge frames out there that will spend the coming months up to their necks in mud and rain, so here’s a quick guide on how to make your frame winterproof. The frame will last for many years as is, but a little bit of preventative medicine goes a long way.

Step 1: Buy an aerosol can of Waxoyl or any other rustproofer. Bicycle framesaver is also great.

Step2: Remove the EBB and insert the aerosol tube into the visible holes. Spray the rustproofer into the chainstays, the downtube and the seat-tube.

Step 3: The two gussets at the heat-tube will both benefit from treatment due to the fact that by their very design there will be no protective paint underneath them. Turn the bike upside down and apply waxoyl to the underside of the gusset at the twin top tubes, making sure it gets into the deepest recesses. Waxoyl hardens when it gets cold so it may be worth spraying some into a bowl, warming it slightly and applying with a paintbrush.   Same goes for the downtube gusset, but you have 2 choices here. Either run some heavy oil into the gap or warm some waxoyl and do the same.

Step 4: Get out and ride or go to the pub.

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