Steel Speedball 29+ 23.5 ETT pre-order (£200 deposit) £799


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Product Description

The production date for the new steel Speedball is nearing, i’m going to be producing 50 of these and am inviting pre-orders, complete with a £100 discount on the final price.  There are a fair few changes from the proto, but in a nutshell, triple cage mount on the downtube so you can use a larger, Everything Cage style thing; interchangeble rear dropouts so you can choose between 135QR or 142×12.  The forks will also be running a smaller diameter truss tube that ties in with the twin top tubes.

pre-orders are important for the little guys like me.  As you may know, Stooge isn’t a big bicycle company, its just me, operating from my shed, quite literally, and as such i have very limited resources when it comes to creating and producing new stuff, so pre-orders are great and much appreciated, they give me a little bit of money to help things move forward and also give me an idea if things are worth doing, obviously if only 1 person wants one, well…  But to thank anyone that sinks their hard-earned into this i’m offering the frameset with £100 discount, so that’s £799 for frame and truss in total, though international orders will be subject to carriage.  Also worth noting that i’m only producing the one size initially, that’s an 18″ with a 23.5″ ETT. I’m 6′ and it fits me great, so apologies to anyone massively tall, your time will come.

So in a nutshell:

4130 Chromoly frame with superlight EBB insert and fabulous, trail blazing geometry.

4130 Chromoly truss fork and steerer tube

All of which = RAD!

NB: this is a pre-production order, i’ll keep you firmly in the loop but expect stock to arrive late winter/early spring. And thank you.