Scrambler – pre-order (ETA Spring ’24)


I’m afraid the Scrambler has sold out again. Boooh! But never fear, more are in production and pre-orders are now open. These should be good to go for March/April 2024, so yeah, a bit of a wait, but worth every moment. Full price will be £780 (£650 for overseas customers) + postage (£50 EU, £160 USA/Canada etc) NB: a nominal postage charge of £1 will be added to international pre-orders just to keep this creaky old website from exploding, this will be deducted from the final postage bill. NB-2: for Australia and other long haul destinations postage will be in the region of £220.

This Highland Trail 550 winning bike is one of the most exciting adventure bikes on the scene, with true trail-taming geometry, the ability to carry enough load for a world tour and radness in spades.

2 colours – dark ochre (Pantone 139) and mid blue (Pantone 5483)
2 sizes – 18″ (5’7 to 6′) and 20″ (6’1 and over). These bikes build big and chunky, if in doubt about which size to go for take a look at the reach on the geo chart and base your choice on what suits you best.
2 wheel size choices – originally designed around 27.5 x 3.00, clearance has been ammended for 29 x 2.6, so the choice is yours. I love mine in B+ flavour with a Duro Crux 3.25″ up front, just sooo damn fun and capable like this, but most are built up in 29er flavour and that’s supercool too, you won’t regret either choice.

NB – for overseas customers UK VAT of 20% is deducted at checkout, but you will be responsible for paying sales tax and import duty once the frame is ready for delivery in your home country. Please check with your domestic Customs Agency if you need more info before making a purchase.

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Say hello to the Scrambler. In an age of ‘downcountry’ and other such marketing gibberish, you’ll be pleased to know that this too has its own fully formed tech term, yep, this here is a radventure bike. Or more seriously, its the bike that kicked dust on the HT550 in May 2021 and came home in first place, light years ahead of the fancy competition.

So what’s the score with the Scrambler? In short, it’s a ripsnorting dirt bike with all the mounts I could think of to turn it into a ripsnorting adventure rig. The geometry is cool – back to lovely short chainstays – 67 degree head-angle, dropper routing, biplane forks, 2 of the nicest colours known to mankind. I believe it to be the most exciting and capable adventure bike it’s possible to buy. Alternatively, build it up as a stripped down, plus tyred trail bike and it’ll act like a big BMX, ready to hurl you down the sketchiest trails with utmost excitement.

Here are a few features:

– Designed around 27.5 x 3″ or 29×2.6 (but feel free to run full 29+ up front). For full on agility and trail riding 27.5+ is best, especially with a Duro Crux front tyre, but 29 is a legit choice and the clearance has been updated to take this into account, so go for whichever makes you happier.
– biplane fork with 57mm offset and loads of mounts.
– Boost spacing front and rear.
– Triple cage mounts on fork legs, under and over the downtube, rack mounts on the forks and the frame.
– 31.6 seatpost size with internal dropper routing. Minimum insertion of 100mm required.
– EBB for easy singlespeeding.
– Radness in spades. The finest handling this side of Tattooine.

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blue, dark ochre


18", 20"