Scrambler 18″ Real Man Pink


SCRAMBLER 18″ Real Man Pink

Its the Scrambler! A rip snorting hooting tooting bicycle that will rip the trails and let you carry stuff. This one’s pink! Like your grandmother’s slippers, or was it her curtains? Who cares, cos only real men ride pink and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Say hello to the Scrambler. In an age of ‘downcountry’ and other such marketing gibberish, you’ll be pleased to know that this too has its own fully formed tech term, yep, this here is a Radventure bike. Or more seriously, it’s a bike.

So what’s the score with the Scrambler? In short, it’s a ripsnorting trail bike with all the mounts I could think of to turn it into a ripsnorting adventure rig. The geometry is cool – back to lovely short chainstays – 67 degree head-angle, dropper routing, biplane forks, 3 of the nicest colours known to mankind. This one’s designed around B+ but will also be sweet with a 29+ front/regular 29er rear combo. I believe it will be the most exciting and capable adventure bike it’ll be possible to buy. Alternatively build it up as a stripped down, plus tyred trail bike and it’ll act like a big BMX, ready to hurl you down the sketchiest trails with utmost excitement.

So where does the Scrambler fit in the Stooge canon? Like all my bikes, its designed to be a great all-rounder, but if I had to place it I’d call it a cross between the Speedball and the MK4. Its designed to be supremely comfortable for the long haul but also a very lively, exciting bike to ride. Its not designed as a direct replacement for the MK4, this is simply about me designing another cool bike that I wanted to make it into the world. And i love B+ tyres, and this takes B+ tyres.

Here are a few features: biplane fork with 57mm offset. Boost spacing front and rear. Triple cage mounts on fork legs, under and over the downtube, rack mounts on the forks and the frame. 30.9 seatpost size with internal dropper routing. EBB for easy singlespeeding.

Colours: Ochre Yellow, Mossier Green, and Real Man Pink

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