Junker bar 100mm rise


After a year in the barren wilderness the Junker 100 is finally back in stock!

Behold the Junker Bar with 100mm of rise! Designed to get you up and ready for steaming off-road action, this beauty is manufactured from triple butted 4130 cromo and comes with a 31.8 shim so you can use a regular mtb stem. 820 wide, 20 degrees of sweep, black ED coated. Rock on!

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In stock



Say hello to the Junker Bar, a righteous slab of holy goodness designed, as always, to make your ride that little bit radder. So this is a klunker bar, a moto bar; 4130 triple butted steel, ED coated, 820 wide with 20 degree backsweep and 100mm rise at the tips.

I made this bar because until now it didn’t exist. There’s a lot of bespoke options out there, and of course motorbike handlebars that have too much upsweep and weigh a tonne, but this is an honest to goodness trail shredder with a serious retro vibe. The amount of rise is a definite sweet spot of comfort and control and works brilliantly on all my framesets. Upsweep is also really minimal, once you try these bars you’ll understand why, wrist pain be gone! Clamp diameter is 22.2mm (BMX) but also comes with a 31.8mm shim. If you need a short stem don’t waste any time, just get a Profile BMX stem, they’re the nicest out there. Need a longer stem, use the shim.