Dirtbomb Ti 29+ (in stock)


The Dirtbomb – with added titanium – looks familiar but it aint, that Klunker styling is just a cover for what comes next. Clearance for 29+, Boost spacing, internal dropper routing for 31.6 post. 625mm ETT with 18″ seat tube.

Frameset includes – frame, biplane fork, EBB insert, thru axles and seat clamp.

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So here’s a beast to feast on – the Stooge Dirtbomb!  This steed is the vanishing point for rigid geometry dirt bikes – 625mm ETT, 66 degree head angle and 57mm fork offset – the ride and handling is like nothing you will have experienced before; slack, but without the wheel flop, stupidly stable at speed, turns a tight corner like an Austin Mini on the run from the bizzies. So what is it? its a mountain bike, a rigid downhill bike, a trail bike par excellence, heck, its everything you want it to be and more. It could well be your last bike.

Sizing! This is an 18″ bike with a 625mm top tube. Its designed to be set up with a 30-50mm stem. Fit will be good for anyone between 5’9 and 6’2..