Dirtbomb titanium 29+


Limited to 10 framesets only.

The Dirtbomb – a truly radical rigid trail bike – looks familiar but it aint, that Klunker styling is just a cover for what comes next.

Only 2 left in stock

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Product Description

So here’s a beast to feast on – the Stooge Dirtbomb!  This steed is the vanishing point for rigid geometry dirt bikes – 630mm ETT, 66 degree head angle and a whopping 80mm fork offset – the ride and handling is like nothing you will have experienced before; slack, but without the wheel flop, stupidly stable at speed, turns a tight corner like an Austin Mini on the run from the bizzies. So what is it? its a mountain bike, a rigid downhill bike, a trail bike par excellence, heck, its everything you want it to be and more. It could well be your last bike.

Super limited production run of 10 framesets only, never to be repeated.

£400 deposit get your name on the list. Full price is £1800 for frame and forks. Outstanding balance payable before final dispatch.