Dirtbomb 29+ SOLD OUT


Alas, the Dirtbomb has now sold out, but never fear, its even radder follow up the Speedbomb is in production with an ETA of Spring 2023

Its the age old question – ‘How can i be more RAD?’ The answer is simple, ride a Dirtbomb! Ride it with its nose in the air, ride it sideways down a scree, do big skids on cheap tyres, go adventuring on it, go camping in the mountains on it, throw all your other bikes in the skip. The king is dead, long live the Dirtbomb.

Alas, all Dirtbombs are now sold out. There will be more one day, i just don’t knmow when. That doesn’t help at all, does it.

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Here comes the Dirtbomb, and it wants your soul. This slice of steel will take you on a joyride so fantabulously exciting you’ll take every other bike you own and throw them heartily in the skip of eternity…

Or to put it simply, the steel Dirtbomb is on its way and should be here in early Spring. The Dirtbomb looks like a klunker, but don’t let that fool you, this is a serious piece of modern rigid trail bike. One size (cos Klunkers only come in one size) which = 18″ seat tube and 625mm ETT. Boost spacing front n rear with full 29+ability, but also a quick turn of the EBB means you can run it with B+ for added chuckability. Basically, build it however the hell you like and then beat it up in the hills, it’ll thank you later. This is the bike in which function and form become best buddies and start hatching a plan to crash the party.

Here’s the lowdown on the details:

– Double butted 4130 cromoly frame with boost spacing and clearance for 29×3.00. Internal dropper routing for 30.9 post. 2 x bottle cage mounts.
– Stooge Klunkpacker biplane fork, 110×15 thru-axle, triple cage mounts. 455 axle to crown, 57mm offset.
– Non suspension corrected with 1 1/8th headset, because 44mm headsets are wrong on skinny steel bikes.
– ONE SIZE: 18″ seat tube with 625mm ETT. 75mm BB drop, 450mm chainstays, 66 degree head angle with 57mm offset forks.
– Frameset includes: frame, fork, EBB insert, front and rear thru axles (allen key type), seat clamp, all cargo mounting bolts.

Postage anywhere in the world.