Stooge framesets are designed with one thing in mind, FUN, in big letters. The sweetest handling, comfort, and an insane ability to ride fast and furious over the roughest terrain without the aid of suspension are all key to the Stooge mission.

Below you will find a quick resume of all my current framesets. For more detailed information on each head to the Shop and click on the frame you're interested in.

Stooge MK6

Now in its sixth generation, the eponomously titled 'Stooge' is where it all begins. The MK6 runs with slack and low geometry and is designed around  a larger offset rigid fork. Designed around a 29x3"/2.6" combo or 27.5 x 3", the handling is sweet and intuitive – singlespeed hack, all mountain trail bike, bikepacking rig – it does it all. Manufactured from aircraft grade 4130 chromoly by Taiwan’s most respected frame builder, the frame features an EBB for foolproof chain tensioning and geometry adjustment.

Use for: trail riding, bikepacking, long haul adventure, the pub (and back)

Stooge Scrambler

The Scrambler is my idea of the perfect bikepacking steed, the mythical 'One bike to rule them all'. You can bag it up and ride off into the sunset. You can strip it down and hit the MX track and mix it with the big boys.  There's Klunker DNA in here and Stooge DNA too,  it handles beautifully, goes like stink and makes you reassess how capable a rigid bike can be.

Use for: Bikepacking, trail riding, adventure racing, dirt touring, touring, winning the Highland Trail 550.

Stooge Speedbomb

The Speedbomb arrives fully formed from a parallell universe where bad things happen to people on normal bikes and the only way to survive is to klunk it like you mean it. But no mind because the Speedbomb saves the day on every occassion. 29+, modern trail geometry, klunker looks, radness in spades.

Use for: Klunking, trail riding, bikepacking, dirt touring

Stooge Rambler

The Rambler is my idea of what a kick-ass drop bar bike should be. Slightly longer, slightly slacker, but nothing taken to extremes.  The handling is sweet beyond words, the comfort through the roof. Set this up with wide drops and a short stem and you could literally ride this bike to the moon and back in the utmost comfort whilst also being more than capable of killing the singletrack on the long way home.

Use for: Gravel, long haul adventure, dirt touring, touring, back lane rambling and exploring, trail riding.

Stooge Dirt Tracker

SAY WHAT!!!!!?