Stooge framesets are designed with one thing in mind, FUN, in big letters. The sweetest handling, comfort, and an insane ability to ride fast and furious over the roughest terrain without the aid of suspension are all key to the Stooge mission. I want my frames to be affordable and inspirational, I want them to change the way you ride for the better. Above all though, I want you to be blown away by how well a rigid mountain bike can ride.

Stooge MK4

Now in its fourth generation (soon to be 5th), the eponomously titled 'Stooge' is where it all begins. The Stooge runs with slack and low geometry and is designed around  a large offset rigid fork. Designed around a 29x3"/2.6" combo, the handling is sweet and intuitive – singlespeed hack, all mountain trail bike, bikepacking rig – it does it all. Manufactured from aircraft grade 4130 chromoly by Taiwan’s most respected frame builder, the frame features an EBB for foolproof chain tensioning and geometry adjustment.

Stooge Scrambler

The Scrambler is my idea of the perfect '1 bike to rule them all'. You can bag it up and ride off into the sunset. You can strip it down and hit the MX track and mix it with the big boys.  There's Klunker DNA in here and Stooge DNA too,  it handles beautifully, goes like stink and makes you reasses how capable a rigid bike can be.

Stooge Dirtbomb

The Dirtbomb arrives fully formed from a parallell universe where bad things happen to people on normal bikes and the only way to survive is to klunk it like you mean it. There might even be aliens there, disguised as trail dogs, but no mind because the Dirtbomb saves the day on every occassion. 29+, modern trail geometry, klunker looks, radness in spades.


The MK4 is only available in 1 size, however, it's been designed in such a way that a much wider spectrum of riders can be accommodated on each platform. The headtube is much taller than the norm, the idea being that on a rigid bike such a setup provides less punishment and more control, the rider’s weight being much further back in the mix.  A welcome side-effect of this is that size range increases greatly; seatpost, bar and stem choice have a huge effect on how this bike can be fitted.

The forthcoming Scrambler is available in both 18" and 20" sizes. The 18 is recommended for anyone up to 6'1, taller riders should consider the 20".  If you have any queries regarding sizing, please contact me.


Top tube (effective) MK4 625mm Scrambler 610 (635)
Headtube 150mm 150mm (160 20")
Chainstay 445mm 435mm
Seat tube length c-t 457.2mm 457.2mm (508)
Head angle 66° 67
Seat post angle 72° 72
BBdrop 60mm 65mm
Fork length 455mm 455mm
Fork offset 80mm 57mm
Seatpost size 30.9mm 30.9mm
Seatclamp Size 33mm 33mm
Headset size  EC34 EC34
Bottom bracket shell 73mm 73mm
Reach 450mm +/-7mm  435mm (455 20")
Stack 640mm +/-7mm  645mm (655 20")