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Versitility is key to the Stooge design ethos. All my framesets are designed to make great dirt bikes, but other than that they are what you make them. Rigid doesn’t have to mean pedestrian. Hardtail doesn’t have to mean XC. These are bikes designed to be ridden, wherever you want to ride them.

Below you’ll find some builds that I've put together over the years. A couple of them date back to the early days, a couple are more current, but it gives you a little idea of what its all about.

650+ Single Speed MK1

I built this bike to a really low budget, the idea being to build a simple woodland hack with one eye on the single-speed champs at the end of the summer. I also decided to give B+ a try as it was still in its infancy, settling on a 2.8 tyre out back and a 3.25 up front to preserve the Stooge geometry.  Interestingly, the rims were only 28mm wide and yet they worked a treat with the big tyres. The chainset was an old Bontrager single-speed unit with 180 arms, just like in my old BMX days. It’s amazing what you can find in the bargain bin! The bars here are Motocross bars clamped to a Thomson BMX stem, 810 wide with a 20 degree sweep they’re pure rock and roll. Turns out expensive isn’t always best, this bike was an absolute maniac and the one I ended up using the most in the summer of 2015. Overall weight was 26lbs, not bad for a bruiser.

Trail 29er

This was the very first production Stooge i put together in the summer of 2014, and the idea behind this build was to create a rigid bike for all-day, all-mountain style rides. It runs a 1x10 setup with a range extender, Thomson dropper for big, scary fast descents, and a short 50mm stem and Salsa bend bars with a 23 degree sweep. In keeping with its big mountain credentials it has a 203 front rotor and 180 rear, braking courtesy of the ever reliable Avid BB7’s and Paul Love Levers. Chris King and Brooks finish it off a treat. Tyres are 2.3 rear, 3.0 front, running on Velocity Dually rims. This bike really does defy all logic when it comes to what a rigid bike is capable of. It descends with the best of them, is incredibly comfortable and just begs to be ridden hard.

Speedball 29+ Ti

Here's the Speedball Ti. Borne of a fevered dream about Klunkers and general madness, this beast rides like  a dream, and rides light too, the full build weighing in a 26lbs, not bad for a 29+ bike.  Featuring a Shimano XT 1x11 groupset, WTB Scraper rims and hope hubs, this, for me, is the ultimate adventure bike; the handling is completely neutral, think about where you want to head on the trail and it'll read your thoughts and take you there, and boy is it comfortable too. 

Dirt Drop Tourer

I make no apologies for this build. It happened in the winter when I wanted a bike to ride the roads on, dreaming also of the Mythical World Tour I’m adamant I’ll do one day. The Stooge has a tall front end that’s well suited to drop bars and it just begged to built, it was either that or buy a road bike! A 17 degree rise stem with 46cm Salsa Woodchipper bars, bar-end shifters (9 speed for extended durability) and my trusted Brooks saddle make this bike. The rear rack overcomes the lack of frame eyelets by mounting to the rear axle and is a work of genius for  anyone thinking of racking up their MTB. Tyres are Schwalbe Big Apples in 29 x 2.3. The finished build ended up being supremely comfortable and genuinely fast, a bike that I can ride mile after without ever getting fatigued. The multiple hand positions of the drop bars are a godsend on longer rides and big climbs, and also incredibly capable off-road.  The DDT is an experiment that ended up exceeding all expectations, all I need now is the time for the Mythical World Tour.

Stooge R-Buckle fat bike

The R-Buckle is a fat bike that rather sadly never made it to production but is still worthy of being shown. The idea was to build an aggressive trail shredder that utilised the benefits of fat rubber for their increased capability rather than build yet another snow chugging slowcoach. It's a heavy bike, but set up with a 120mm Bluto and 4" tyres, this thing rips like no other. The steering is super-quick, you can place it anywhere on the trail and the big rubber, plush forks and progressive geometry means it'll carry you through and over and down anything, its like a ruddy great 'Get out of Jail Free' card in bicycle form and is completely rad.

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