How It Began

Stooge Cycles was established by me, Andy Stevenson, in 2013. My aim was to design and produce the kind of bike I want ride, namely the sweetest handling, best looking steel 29er on the UK market. This means slack geometry, short chainstays, the best quality aircraft grade 4130 chromoly steel (40 years of BMX can’t be wrong, right). The bike I wanted to ride also had to be rigid, and to look good beyond words. So far I’m pretty pleased with where we’re at. With a design inspired by early Torker and Haro BMX bikes and the original Klunkers of Marin County, the Stooge is a bike designed to have fun on, whether bikepacking through the wilderness, railing the berms at your local trail centre or simply hacking through the woods after a long day in the office. It’s a truly versatile beast too – single speed or geared, dirt-drops, flats or risers, it’s a high performance bike aimed at taking you where you want to go.

Bikes have been in my blood since an early age, but they bit large with the first BMX invasion in the 80’s. I raced competitively throughout that illustrious decade, moved on to mountain biking when I thought I’d grown too tall, and never looked back.  It’s fair to say I’ve ridden pretty much every style of bike there is, from 8” travel downhill bikes back in the day, to the modern full suspension trail bikes, and this brings me to where I am today – dreaming of something far simpler, something hand-built from steel with handling dialled to absolute perfection.

And that’s where the Stooge comes in. It’s a bike designed to have fun on, a forward thinking two-fingered ‘salute’ to the march of technology that presently overwhelms our sport. To ride a Stooge is to be transported back to simpler times in a way you certainly don’t remember.  You can forget about air pressure and rebound damping, instead concentrate on railing some sweet natural singletrack on a steed that screams ‘ride me’.


I hope you like my frames enough to buy one, but more than that, I hope that if you do, the simplicity of your new bike changes your ride-time in a positive way, that you feel that long lost connection between bike and trail return, back and better than ever



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