Yeah baby, its the Speedklunker, sent from the heavens above to kill you dead.  But what to do with a prototype frame – put it in a box and forget about it? Or build a bike from it, one that you’ll end up using more than all the others combined cos its so damned stupid it keeps you going back just to check.

So enter the Speedklunker, built to perfection with a set of custom Ti biplane forks that might as well have 30mm of travel the amount they flex, a Surly Sunrise bar cos its cool, and a 135 Sturmey Archer 2 speed kickback coaster hub – a climbing gear and a not climbing gear – and a top grade single speed cheat if the noise doesn’t give away your dirty little secret.

This bike invites you to die, but it also invites you to live, and i love it.


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