Stooge MK3 coming soon

I’m happy to announce that the MK3 is now in production and should be landing in April. This time around there have been quite a few changes, all in the interest of making a better, more versatile bike; but also to keep me excited and feeling fresh about the journey Stooge seems to be taking me on.

First off, 2 sizes!!! The regular 18 with a 23.5″ toptube, and a 20 with a 25″ toptube.

Next, colours! Plum Crazy Purple is back, because it rocks and i don’t currently own one and i want one. Retro mid green (doesn’t have a name yet) and a mellow orange, also nameless.

Ch-Ch-changes – 44mm headtube with a steel tapered-steerer fork. Looks cool, rides cooler. You can now fit an Enve, or a Lauf, or whatever – bigger downtube (but not much) bigger toptubes to tie it all together (19mm instead of 16mm). Much shorter chainstays optimized for B+ but still 29er compatible. Despite initial reservations, i just love this wheel size and what it does for a rigid bike, playful, fast, and comfortable. The MK3 is envisaged as a rigid trail bike first and foremost, a bike for having a blast on, ripping along sheep-trails laughing at the sheer joy of life now you’ve ditched that crummy suspension. Everything else is a bonus.

Some things remain the same – the use of quick release axles, because they’re simple and i love simple and everything else if overkill on a bike like this, plus you can run an Alfine with them, or a coaster brake.

ETA is a little way off yet, but they’ll be here in the spring at some point.

Pics? I’m afraid not.

Lastly, thank you for your patience. This should have all been happening a lot sooner but a crazy little thing called Brexit happened and stole all my money, the downside being i suddenly had to sell more frames before i could afford to place the order, such is the lot of the Man in the Shed.

if you need any more info feel free to drop me a line, always happy to answer any queries you may have.

Thanks, Andy

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